Fredonia hill baptist Academy

Since 1972, Fredonia Hill Baptist Academy has been providing top rate academics and teaching with a Christian worldview. Our school was established by Fredonia Hill Baptist Church which has been ministering

to Nacogdoches for over 85 years. 

The mission of Fredonia Hill Baptist Academy is to

"Glorify God through Excellence in Education."

This is achieved through an accelerated Biblically-based curriculum and daily Bible studies that help the students understand the Christian worldview and develop God–given talents and abilities within His plan.

What to expect at fhba

When you come to FHBA you can expect a family of teachers, staff, and students who are focused on learning, growing, and being a Christian light to our community.


Kingdom Education is at the center of our program. Our goals are to prepare students to know Christ and to reach his/her own potential for success in school and life. Christian studies, doctrine, and faith help us to motivate each student in his/her achievement, behavior, and work habits. 

Academically, we work to build a solid foundation of fundamental skills in Language Arts and Mathematics for our students, adding on other areas of instruction and creative experiences which bring the knowledge and understanding they need. The staff prepares and presents complete, organized coverage of all subject matter appropriate for each grade level. 

Our aim is to develop students who: 

  • Appreciate and value themselves as a creation of God
  • Respect others and exhibit a servant attitude
  • Look upon school as their present daily occupation
  • Strive to do their best in every aspect of life
  • Exhibit self-control and obedience
  • Are prepared for the next step in life both spiritually and academically
  • Are challenged & inspired to be leaders that impact the world for Christ