"let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity, show yourself an example of those who believe" 1 timothy 4:12

Mrs. Emily Harris

FHBA Service Years:  1975 - 2011

Fredonia Hill Baptist Academy's matriarch, Mrs. Emily Harris will forever and always

be who we are and why we teach the way we do!  

She instilled in us the importance of providing an excellent education based on a firm foundation in Christ!

We have worked hard to maintain FHBA in that very manner in her honor for the Glory of God!

Mrs. Harris molded countless young minds, created strong teachers, and loved FHBA with her whole heart!

She was a shining example of hard work and perseverance. She was selfless, kind, and a true leader. 

FHBA will continue to educate families as Mrs. Harris would want, and will strive to grow and nourish the beautiful legacy she left for us!

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family! We join you in mourning, but rejoice in knowing that sweet Mrs. Harris is with our Savior in heaven. 

Thank you for loving us Mrs. Harris! 

We cherish the thousands of memories made in these hallways, and will treasure you forever!

looking ahead!

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teresia allen


Mrs. Teresia Allen is the principal of Fredonia Hill Baptist Academy.  She has been a part of the FHBA family for over 23 years.  Mrs. Allen understands all aspects of the school from being a parent of children attending FHBA to teaching and now administration.  She has brought exciting new things to FHBA while maintaining those time-honored traditions that have made FHBA endearing to families for over 50 years!   

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